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Product Reviews For: D-740 Night Vision Multipurpose Viewer, Gen 3 AGM-HS Hand Select

3 Reviews
Overall Rating:

Reviewer: Bert
May 8, 2014
Location: Wyoming
Age: 46-55
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Multi-Purpose
Title: D-740
I am very impressed with the D-740 night vision scope I ordered. Top shelf equipment.Very well made and the view was mind blowing! I'm also very impressed with the customer service. I placed an order in the evening and the very next morning they called me to make sure I knew what I was ordering and how it worked. When they heard this was my first night vision purchase and I was a novice, they took the time to explain everything top to bottom.I learned how to take care of it and how not to damage the hand select tube. Who does that anymore? Nobody! Night Vision for Less is the only company I will ever deal with from now on. Oh yeah...I also got a great deal!

Reviewer: ..............
February 10, 2012
Location: Addison, Texas
Age: Over 65
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Hunting
Title: Amazing Technology!
I bought this scope for hog hunting/control on our ranch. I looked around and even tried out at a lot of different options but finally "pulled the trigger" on this top model D-740 scope after speaking to the sales person who knew everything about these devices. I was expecting something pretty nice by the way this scope was recommended by the gentlemen I spoke with. Now having been out 3 nights with it on my AR-15 I am astonished by two things. One - just how well this thing can see with virtually no moonlight, surpassing my expectations and allowing me to eliminate hogs at will and Two - that I have discovered that we have way more hogs than I first thought. But that's OK because now that I've got the right technology I can find them and get rid of them. My only regret is that I didn't get this night vision sooner as we have wasted time and money trying to cut down on these hogs other ways which has been like spitting into the wind. Having the right tool can make all the difference in the world. Thank you.

Reviewer: .................
January 24, 2012
Location: Mesick, MI
Age: 46-55
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Hunting
Title: Best Night Vision Scope
Bought my D-740 autogated pinnacle hand selected model in December and have been out almost every night with it. In Michigan we are only allowed to hunt with rimfire rifles at night so I have my night vision scope on a .22 mag. Overall I am extremely happy with this scope although it is a little bulky looking for a .22 but I think all night vision scopes are bigger than regular scopes. I got the model with the manual gain control feature and am glad I did because it helps on brighter nights, especially when there is snow on the ground or on full moon nights. The manual gain lets me turn down the gain on bright nights so the image is not overly bright and on very dark nights I can turn it up all the way for extra power. On very dark nights this scope still lets me see out farther than my gun can effectively reach. I bought this scope to replace a Gen 2 scope that I wasn't happy with. Did a lot of research before I bought this D-740 because I didn't want to be disappointed again. This night vision scope is 10 times better than my old Gen 2 which I sold to a friend. My new set-up is so exciting to use that I don't even mind being out when it's below zero, I think it's all the adrenalin keeping me warm. The only thing I wish is that the scope could be a little smaller for my little .22, other than that this is the ultimate night vision scope. I would highly recommend it!

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