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All PVS14 on Sale !!! Click Here for our selection
L3 Unfilmed PVS14 White Phosph 10Yr Warr $4299 IN STOCK !
L3 Unfilmed PVS14 White Phosph HIGH FOM  10Yr Warr $5299 STOCK !
PVS14 Photonis4G Echo White Phosph Autog 10Yr $3499 IN STOCK!
PVS14 White Phosph Autog/Pinnacle 10Yr Warr $3699 IN STOCK!
ATN Thor4 and Thor-LT  ON SALE w Free Quick Release Mount !!!
Bering Optics HOGSTER and SUPER HOGSTER  on Sale IN STOCK !!!
Bering Optics SUPER YOTER 640 12um OUT NOW!!! 1 week lead time !!!
FLIR BREACH PTQ136 Thermal Monoc IN STOCK !!!
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Once you have placed an order with us, you will receive an email with an order confirmation which will show the items that you have ordered as well as all of your billing and shipping information along with a link to this customer service page. You will also receive a 2nd email from us when your product has shipped that will provide you with the tracking information so you can know when to expect your shipment. If you have not yet received your 2nd email you may proceed to the Order Tracking link (also located on the top of every page between our name and the small checkout cart). You will be asked for your email address and password that you created at the time you have placed your order. If you do not remember your password, you will see an area that says “Forgot Your Password” and you may fill in your email address and a temporary password will be issued to you via email. This will also apply to those customers who have placed an order over the phone as well. Once you have logged into your account you will see various links on the left side of the page. Please select “My Order Status” to view current information concerning your order, including whether your items have shipped and have a tracking number already associated or are pending shipment.

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