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Gen 1 Night Vision Multipurpose Viewers

Cheap Night Vision Scopes and Multipurpose Viewers

There are quite a few cheap Night Vision Scopes on the market. These lower priced night vision scopes are typically Gen 1 and digital technology. The big problem with many of these inexpensive scopes is that the recoil from most rifles including small caliber ones will often knock your zero off. This can be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a shooter and many a scope and rifle have been thrown on the ground (and kicked) after hours of sighting in to get it perfect, only to have the night vision scope's zero "jump" on your next shot. This is why our selection of cheap Gen 1 night vision scopes is limited to the models below. They are all made to last.

The hottest thing in the market right now is the ATN X-Sight Digital Day Night Scope.  These have better performance than any other Gen 1 night vision scope.  There are 2 models, the ATN X-Sight 3x and the X-sight 5x.  Both are digital and can be used day or night.  At the price range, they are the best Gen 1 Night Scopes on the market right now.  They have excellent performance for this price point and includes many great features. The wide field of view and light weight make these night scopes fast and agile. It is packed full of many innovative features and has the perfect amount of magnification for Night Vision Scopes in this range. ~NightVision4Less

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ATN X-Sight 4K PRO 3x-14x Smart Day/Night
  • Digital
    Regular Price: $699.00
    On Sale For: $675.00
    In stock
    ATN X-Sight 4K PRO 5x-20x Smart Day/Night
    • Digital
      Regular Price: $799.00
      On Sale For: $750.00
      In stock
      Trifecta 3x Gen 1+ HP CORE Plus Night Vision Multipurpose
          Price: $799.00
          In stock
          ATN Thor-LT 3x-6x Thermal
            • Camo Colors Available
            • Free QDM with ATN Thor4 and ThorLT
            Regular Price: $1,199.00
            On Sale For: $949.00
            In stock
            ATN Thor-LT 4x-8x Thermal
              • Camo Colors Available
              • Free QDM with ATN Thor4 and ThorLT
              Regular Price: $1,299.00
              On Sale For: $1,149.00
              In stock
              Bering Optics HOGSTER STIMULUS 256 2.3x-4.6x 19mm 30Hz Ultra-compact Thermal
              • 4 Year Warranty!
                Regular Price: $1,595.00
                On Sale For: $1,495.00
                In stock
                AGM Rattler TS25-256 2.5x Thermal 256x192 25mm (50 Hz) WiFi
                    Regular Price: $1,595.00
                    On Sale For: $1,249.00
                    In stock
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