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March 10, 2017
Bad to the Bone
To start with, the customer service was second to none!!! helping every step of the way is their goal. they understand how important accurate and trustworthy info is when making a purchase of this scale. now the scope, D750 BW i have looked trough and hunted with a large quantity of night devices across all price ranges. this one is by far the best nv device i have used. no moon, quarter, or full, this thing flat out performs. (new moon clear night) took a coyote at estimated 250 yards without the aid of an ir! spotted hogs easily past 600 yards. the amount of light these scopes let in is simply amazing. function and controls are well placed and very intuitive. i have not found any detractors. well worth the $$$!!
Hog Smasher  Texas

November 15, 2016
Great company, great products
I bought the PVS-14 Gen 3 AGM-HS several months ago. I have used it several times and it performs as advertised. High quality image, stable, clear and well made. The company representative gave me great advise before my purchase and I would recommend NV4Less to anyone in the market for NVGs.
Aaron  Texas

November 14, 2016
ATN Night Scout VX Night Vision Binocular
Great binoculars! Great customer service! I would recommend them to anyone!
Ron  Cedar Springs, MI

November 10, 2016
Night vision devices
I've bought several night vision devices from Night Vision 4 Less, I will never buy from anyone else, their customer service is outstanding!! Their products are the best around!! I'm totally happy with everything!!
Richard Rowold  Iowa

July 6, 2016
Great Company
The NV4L team was a pleasure to do business with and took the time to give me great customer service over the phone before my purchase. After speaking with the NV4L representative I felt well-informed and actually saved money by taking their advice! I purchased one of their Hand Select products and they truly 'hand picked' a tube that was certainly a cut above the rest. I got a much higher quality image than I bargained for, thank you NV4L!
Aaron M  Texas

May 15, 2016
Excellent Service
Very pleased with NightVision4Less service and attention to orders. Armasight binocular and monocular as good as we had hoped for first night optic purchase.
MJ  Texas

May 6, 2016
FLIR Recon M18 (640x480) MIL SPEC Thermal Pocket Device
Products can be bought anywhere, however when the product is above what you expected and the customer service is exceptional, it is a win win situation. When I explained what I wanted this product for, they offered several options in several prices. They knew what would fit my need. And it definitely has!
Jenny Jones  Illinois

May 6, 2016
Law Enforcement Official
I am very satisfied with the Company, Employees & the purchase of my PVS 14 Mono Gen 3. This product come in handy while assigned to Border Operations & in my duty area. I'm a very satisfied customer who looks forward in future products. Don't hesitate to call or leave a message. They responded in a timely matter, answered all questions & we're very informative. Thanks again, Liza Ochoa/ DPS
Liza Ochoa  Jim Wells County

May 5, 2016
Extended Battery Pack
My spouse decided to "surprise" me with an Armasight thermal scope. Unfortunately she forgot that I only use Night Vision For Less for all my night vision equipment. After receiving my gift from my wife I called night vision for less to enquire about the extended battery pack. I was able to purchase the battery pack for my out dated thermal scope. Do yourself a favor and contact the sales staff of night vision for less. These guys stay current on the night vision equipment available.
Brian  Tx Hill Country

May 5, 2016
Armasight Zeus 3-12x42 (30hz) & Battery Pack
Incredible service. They kept me advised as to what was going on and I received everything as promised. I also appreciate the fact that they helped me make a decision to get an adjustable objective model as it makes a huge difference to be able to adjust to your distance as opposed to a fixed lens. I knew this with a standard hunting scope but didn't realize the importance of it on thermal. The folks at the website OP were just selling me whatever I asked for without making suggestions and asking questions. Incredible service, scope and battery pack. I could not be more pleased.
Phil  North Carolina

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Let us know about your Night Vision 4 Less experience.