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Product Reviews For: PVS-7 Night Vision Goggle, Gen 3AG

3 Reviews
Overall Rating:

Reviewer: JY (this user has purchased this item)
October 24, 2019
Age: 26-35
Gender: Male
Purpose/Use: Multi-Purpose
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Location: California
Title: NVG Quality opportunity.
For as long as this deal lasts, I strongly recommend purchasing these Gen 3 auto gated goggles. The tube is made by L3, with the one I purchased displaying zero field of view blemishes. If you want a friendly, prompt resource for information on night vision, then do not hesitate to contact NV4L, or even better, consult their education center on their website. They have covered most every question customers could possibly have, with just a little bit of humor thrown is to show you’re relating to actual people who care about their products; a lot of companies incessantly say this, many don’t deliver, NV4L does without a doubt, at least in my case. Gen 3 is really the only way to go. Forums out there will state this point ad nauseum, but it really is true. Passive mode on Gen 3 can pick up enough star light to present a good image for navigating unknown ground, with infrared as a short range back up. Unless the sky is overcast, or the user in under exceptionally heavy tree cover, then the Gen 3 IIT can pick up all you need. The only situation where IR in required in conjunction with Gen 3, is in total darkness - and I mean ‘total darkness’ such as your basement with the lights out. In this setting, the IR will light up everything within twenty feet just fine. Once you get the head harness strapped on right, and after you become accustomed to the slight change in depth perception, the goggles perform great. You will see all kinds of new things. A side note would be that goggle style night vision is hard to use alongside a firearm. Unless you have an IR laser attached to your weapon, then a hand gun is about all that works, and even then, aiming trough iron or tritium sites is little better than practiced guess work. Also, read your manual. It will describe things that are not all that apparent at first glance, such as the ocular lenses having an interpupillary (eye distance) adjustment, or the red dot appearing on your left lens being the IR indicator, not a lens flaw. Treat your pair of Gen 3’s right and they will last a long time, and in addition, NV4L supplies a 5 year warranty with this particular model/deal. These people are good business professionals. Buying from them is like buying from a local farmer’s market rather than going to Safeway. Debate that metaphor if you want, because farmer’s markets can sometimes have a few real jerks lording over central stalls, but the point is, from NV4L you’re getting a good product with a disclosed background, at a great price, from people who are concerned with more than just making a sale.

Reviewer: Scott Allred (this user has purchased this item)
July 2, 2015
Location: Big Horn County Wyoming
Age: 36-45
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Hunting
Title: PVS-7 Night Vision Goggle, Gen 3AG
The googles are performing great. Using them for night operation on the boats and they performed wonderfully. The quality is amazing as well as the optics! An extremely clear field of vision. The whole process from talking with your sales rep to the ordering and receiving went extremely smooth. very satisfied with the entire process. I give your company an A+ rating. Thank you, Scott Allred, Captain, Search & Rescue

Reviewer: .................
January 29, 2012
Location: Bloomsburg, PA
Age: 46-55
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Multi-Purpose
Title: Big thumbs up.
These night vision goggles are the real deal. You can clearly see hundreds of yards in the pitch dark without any problem. Military quality. Run on regular AA batteries that seem to last a long time as I haven't needed to change them yet. My only complaint is the head attachment isn't very comfortable but I can hold them up like binoculars if I don't want to wear them on my head. These PVS-7 goggles are 100 times better than the cheap night vision I used to use!

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