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Product Reviews For: PVS-7 Night Vision Goggle, Gen 3AG

2 Reviews
Overall Rating:

Reviewer: Scott Allred (this user has purchased this item)
July 2, 2015
Location: Big Horn County Wyoming
Age: 36-45
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Hunting
Title: PVS-7 Night Vision Goggle, Gen 3AG
The googles are performing great. Using them for night operation on the boats and they performed wonderfully. The quality is amazing as well as the optics! An extremely clear field of vision. The whole process from talking with your sales rep to the ordering and receiving went extremely smooth. very satisfied with the entire process. I give your company an A+ rating. Thank you, Scott Allred, Captain, Search & Rescue

Reviewer: .................
January 29, 2012
Location: Bloomsburg, PA
Age: 46-55
Gender: Male
Recommend To A Friend: Yes
Purpose/Use: Multi-Purpose
Title: Big thumbs up.
These night vision goggles are the real deal. You can clearly see hundreds of yards in the pitch dark without any problem. Military quality. Run on regular AA batteries that seem to last a long time as I haven't needed to change them yet. My only complaint is the head attachment isn't very comfortable but I can hold them up like binoculars if I don't want to wear them on my head. These PVS-7 goggles are 100 times better than the cheap night vision I used to use!

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