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Free QDM with ATN Thor4
Gen 3 Sale! PVS14 $2699 Non-Autog w 5yr Warr
PVS7 $3499 AUTOGATED! 10 yr Warr !!
ALL PVS14 on Sale!!! Dual Tube Gen 3 $6799 10 Yr!!
L3 White Phosphor PVS14 Hand Select 10 Yr Warr $3499
L3 White Phosphor RNVG-15 Dual Tube $7499
Armasight Zeus 640 3x 75mm SPECIAL!!!
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Gen 1 Night Vision

Generation 1 is the most common technology sold. The popularity of this generation is because it is cheap night vision compared to Gen 2 and Gen 3 technology. A person with a gen 1 product will be able to see many times better than someone without a night device. Generation 1 technology will generally allow a person to see out 75 to 100 yards depending on conditions. If you need more than 100 yards you will need at least Gen 2 technology. For those who would like help deciding between a Goggle, Binocular, Monocular, or Multipurpose Viewer a comparison of these different devices can be found in our Night Vision Devices Guide. Keep in mind that choosing the right device for your needs can make quite a difference in how useful your new optic will be. You will find a large selection of 1st generation optics ranging in different price points below. Like with all of this equipment the quality of the lenses, the controls, and the design of the unit itself will have a significant impact on how well the unit performs in low light. We have chosen to carry the best performing equipment in their respective price points. For more information on Gen 1 gear see our "Differences Between Night Vision Generations" in the Education Center. ~NightVision4Less

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