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Gen 2 Night Vision

Contrary to logic generation 2 night vision is not half way between Gen 1 and Gen 3 in terms of ability. The fact is that Gen 2 equipment is much closer in all aspects to Gen 3 than it is to Gen 1 technology. In fact Gen 2 is often considered the best Gen 2 night vision for the money as it gives exceptionally good performance but is reasonably priced compared to Gen 3 and Gen 4 units. Most 2nd generation devices are capable of giving good low light performance without the need for IR illumination, allowing the user to operate passively. Generation 2 technology does not have the partial image distortion that is common with Gen 1 products, giving the user about 30 to 40% more clear useable field of view. Most Gen 2 night vision equipment will generally allow the user to see up to 200 yards or more depending on the conditions and quality of the device itself. As is the case with all night optics, the quality of the lenses and other parts, as well as the design of the particular device will have a significant impact on the performance of the equipment. For more information on Gen 2 see our "Differences Between Night Vision Generations " in the Education Center. To find some of the Gen 2 best night vision for the money choose from the links below to see our discount generation 2 models. ~NightVision4Less

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