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PVS14 White Phosphor Autog/Pinnacle 10 Yr Warr $3699
PVS14 Gen 2  White Phosphor IN STOCK $2499
PVS7 Gen 3 Non-Autogated $2599 !!
Special PVS7 Gen 3 AG White Phosphor 10Yr Warr SALE $4299 !!
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Gen 3 Night Vision

Gen 3 Night Vision Scope is currently the gold standard in night optics technology. With this professional equipment you can expect amazing performance and 10,000 hours plus image tube life from quality generation 3 devices. The most significant innovation that is available with the latest 3rd gen products is Pinnacle or Autogated image tubes. This technology allows the unit to operate effectively in areas that have too much light for a standard or non autogated device to function in such as urban areas where street lights, house lights, and other "light pollution" causes a bright halo effect around the light source which can cover much or all of the image. When the light sources are too bright most non autogated devices will automatically shut off to protect the image tube leaving the user in the dark. Again the latest Gen 3 models that are equipped with Pinnacle image tubes are virtually impervious to brighter lights, allowing the user to operate in almost any lighting conditions. Gen 3 night vision goggles is the current technology used by the US Armed Forces and although many think this professional night vision technology is only available for military and law enforcement, this is simply untrue. State-of-the-art Gen 3 equipment is available and legal for US civilians to purchase and enjoy. From wildlife watching grandmothers to security minded families, hunters, boaters, survivalists, astronomy enthusiasts, and everything in between. More people than ever are starting to enjoy the wonders of what real Gen 3 gear will allow them to experience. Please use the links below to view our discounted 3rd generation devices. For those of you that want the absolute best performance, look for the products that have an "HS" for Hand Select at the end of the product name. And as always if you would like personal expert assistance feel free to call us at 1-800-771-6845. ~NightVision4Less

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