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Gen 4 Night Vision

Gen 4 night vision technology is the latest generation available, it uses film-less image tubes to improve performance. All of our 4th Generation equipment is autogated. This autogated technology allows a user to achieve high performance in light polluted areas and does not have the need to shut off in these brighter situations. The Gen 4 night vision technology also achieves superb performance in very dark situations just when you need it. These elite level units will give the user an image that is brighter, when compared to standard 3rd Generation models. 4th generation units are extremely impressive to use, to say the least. However, if there are any negatives to Gen 4 it would be the sometimes limited availability, which is not uncommon with high quality night equipment. The other possible negative is the fact that when the US Military tested generation 4 film-less technology, they found that it did not last as long as the thin film Gen 3 technology that they currently use. To clarify Gen 4 equipment will last thousands of hours, but it did not reach the 10,000 hour mark that was required by the Military. To summarize Gen 4 gives the user unbelievable low light performance as well as outstanding clarity and brightness, the only thing that can compete with Gen 4 would be our Hand Selected Gen 3 Autogated/Pinnacle products. As a note there is no generation 5 night vision, the technology simply has not been invented yet. Below you will find the 4 categories of 4th generation technology to choose from. As always if you have any questions or just need some guidance please feel free to call us at 1-800-771-6845. ~NightVision4Less

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