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PVS14 Gen3 Autogated/Pinnacle B-Grade 10 Yr Warr $2799
PVS14 White Phosphor Autog/Pinnacle 10 Yr Warr $3699
PVS14 Gen 2  White Phosphor IN STOCK $2499
PVS7 Gen 3 Non-Autogated $2599 !!
Special PVS7 Gen 3 AG White Phosphor 10Yr Warr SALE $4299 !!
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Multi-Purpose Systems

Multi-Purpose Systems

Multi-Purpose Night Vision typically refers to Night Vision Monoculars that are designed for multiple tasks. These night vision tasks include head mounting, weapons mounting and the ability to accept and use various task enhancing accessories. Another criteria for these units is that they have 1x lenses for a full 40* field of view. This is important when navigating/walking with night vision, as magnified lenses not only reduce your field of view, they also makes objects appear closer than they are thus throwing off ones perspective. Most multi-purpose night vision devices however will be able to accept various magnification lenses for improved distance performance in certain situations.  The fantastic versatility of multi-purpose night vision equipment like the PVS-14 is why we call them the "Swiss Army Knife of Night Vision Equipment"! So if you want to be sure you have all your bases covered for future night vision needs, a good quality Multi-Purpose Night Vision System is your best bet.

*Note - There are no Generation 1 devices in this category as Gen 1 devices simply don't have the design, performance and the durability to be mounted to a weapon or to use certain accessories and adapters effectively. We do however, have versatile Gen 1 equipment just not to this extent and none that can be weapon mountable. ~NightVision4Less

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Gen 2 Multi-Purpose Systems
  • Standard Gen 2+
    Price: $1,899.00
    In stock
    PVS-14 Mono-Goggle Gen 2+
    • High Perf. Gen 2+
    • Includes Headgear
      Regular Price: $2,399.00
      On Sale For: $2,299.00
      In stock
      PVS-14 Mono-Goggle Gen 2 HP+ White Phosphor NG-P14-2BW | NightVision4Less
      • High Perf. Gen 2+
      • White Phosphor
      • Manual Gain Control
      • Includes Headgear
        Regular Price: $2,599.00
        On Sale For: $2,499.00
        In stock
        WPT (White Phosphor) Multi-Purpose Systems
        • White Phosphor
          Regular Price: $2,299.00
          On Sale For: $2,199.00
          In stock
          Gen 3 Multi-Purpose Systems
          • Standard Gen 3
          • Manual Gain Control
            Regular Price: $3,299.00
            On Sale For: $2,999.00
            In stock
            • Autogated/Pinnacle 3+
              Regular Price: $3,499.00
              On Sale For: $2,999.00
              In stock
              • Autogated/Pinnacle 3+
              • Hand Select Tube
                Price: $3,699.00
                In stock
                Gen 4 Multi-Purpose Systems
                • Autogated/Pinnacle 3+
                • Unfilmed Image Tube
                  Regular Price: $4,999.00
                  On Sale For: $4,699.00
                  In stock
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