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Stryker Gen 2+ HP Night Vision Goggle

Stryker Gen 2+ HP Night Vision Goggle

Price: $1,799.00
In stock

The Stryker Night Vision Goggles were developed for a variety of applications including nature observation, boating and other recreational uses as well as suitable for security surveillance. When paired with high performance Gen 2+ image intensifier tube, they will meet law enforcement requirements for surveillance at night and would be a reasonable alternative.

The Stryker has an integrated IR Illuminator, IR “on” and low battery indicators, excess light exposure cut-off sensor and many other features. An additional feature, made upon request, is a built-in external 12V DC power in jack. The goggles may be equipped with 3X afocal attachment, 4X, 6X and 8X magnifier lenses (sold separately) to further extend the viewing capability.

The Stryker bi-ocular design with mechanical interpupillary adjustment allows for a comfortable viewing experience for extended surveillance. It also features Automatic Brightness Control and can be mounted on a PASGT or ACH/MICH Helmet.

Kit includes:
universal head gear
universal arm
Protective Case

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