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Thermal Monoculars / Thermal Viewers / Thermal Goggles
Nightvision4less is offering the latest and greatest in thermal night vision for law enforcement, fire and search & rescue teams, military, hunting, and wildlife observation. Thermal Monoculars detect heat signatures, so they are effective in total darkness or daylight and can see through obstructions such as smoke and fog. Heat detection is very different than starlight technology, where it allows you to scan large areas and find animals or people very easily. There isnt the same clarity as with starlight night vision, but much easier to find things To decide weather Light Amplification or Thermal Imaging is best for you please check out our Thermal vs Night Vision in our questions and answers section.
        With a thermal monocular, one of the main factors that determines performance is the resolution or number of pixels in the thermal sensor. The more pixels the better the resolution will be. We would recommend at least a 320  in a high quality device for minimum efficient use.  The best you can get is a 640.   We carry all the major brands..
--The FLIR Scout III 640 is the best bang for the buck you can get. It is their older model, before the FLIR Scion, so no on-board recording, but you can get a 640 at a great price.
--FLIR SCION thermal monoculars are their newest models.  The FLIR SCION Thermal all have FLIR's newest Boson Cores with 12 micron pixels.  They have internal recording and take CR123 batteries, for continuous run-time in the field if you have extra batteries with you.  The FLIR Scion OTM are priced great for every day use.  The FLIR Scion PTM are for law enforcement as they have live Encrypted Video Streaming that allows public safety agencies with enhanced situational awareness and real-time centralized information.
--For a more multi-purpose thermal, the FLIR Breach PTQ136 is a small unit, that can be used with headgear or on a rifle.   The FLIR Breach are the most compact thermal monocualr you can get, and are great for making a dual-eye system along with a PVS14.
--AGM ASP-Micro, are their newest units, featuring great close range performance in compact units.  These complement their longer range AGM TM-25 and AGM TM-35 thermals.  They all use cores that have proven to have excellent performance for the price and excellent milikelvin ratings.
--Bering Optics Prodigy and Bering Optics Mini are great solid performers at a better price than the FLIR line.  Also try the Bering Optics Border Patrol, a dual eye thermal unit with a high magnification lens for long range. --For help with thermal equipment please feel free to give us a call (800-771-6845), we would be happy to advise and guide you in your selection and explain the real world differences in performance between these devices. ~NightVision4Less

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AGM Global Vision Thermal Viewers
AGM Asp-Micro TM160 - Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular 160x120 (25 Hz)
      Regular Price: $549.00
      On Sale For: $449.00
      In stock
      AGM Asp-Micro TM384 - Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular 384x288 (50 Hz)
          Regular Price: $1,499.00
          On Sale For: $1,325.00
          In stock
          AGM Asp TM25-384 1.7x - Short/Med Range Thermal Imaging Monocular 384x288 25mm (50 Hz)
              Price: $1,795.00
              In stock
              AGM Asp TM35-384 2.4x - Medium Range Thermal Imaging Monocular 384x288 35mm (50 Hz)
                  Price: $2,295.00
                  In stock
                  AGM Asp TM35-640 1.4x - Med/Long Range Thermal Imaging Monocular 640x512 35mm (50 Hz)
                      Regular Price: $3,499.00
                      On Sale For: $3,299.00
                      In stock
                      FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Monocular - Boson 320 (12μm) 60Hz
                      • New FLIR Boson Core!!
                      • Head Mountable
                        In stock
                        FLIR Scion OTM136 320 13.8mm 60Hz 1.5x-6x Thermal Monocular
                        • New FLIR Boson Core!!
                        • Free Rechargeable Battery Kit w FLIR Scion
                        Price: $2,495.00
                        In stock
                        FLIR LS-X (336 x 256) 19 mm Thermal Monocular
                            In stock
                            FLIR LS-XR (640 x 512) 35 mm Thermal Monocular
                                In stock
                                Bering Optics Thermal Viewers
                                Bering Optics Prodigy Mini (384 x 288) 13mm Thermal Monocular
                                    Regular Price: $1,399.00
                                    On Sale For: $1,299.00
                                    In stock
                                    Bering Optics Prodigy PAR 1.4x (384 x 288) 30mm 50Hz Thermal Monocular WiFi
                                        Regular Price: $1,899.00
                                        On Sale For: $1,695.00
                                        In stock
                                        Bering Optics Prodigy PRO Thermal Monocular
                                            Regular Price: $2,095.00
                                            On Sale For: $1,995.00
                                            In stock
                                            Bering Optics Prodigy PRO Thermal Monocular
                                                Regular Price: $3,295.00
                                                On Sale For: $3,195.00
                                                In stock
                                                Bering Optics BORDER PATROL 336 3.5x-14x 50mm Thermal Bi-ocular
                                                    Regular Price: $4,295.00
                                                    On Sale For: $3,995.00
                                                    In stock
                                                    COTI Clip On Thermal Imager AN PAS-29
                                                        Regular Price: $6,995.00
                                                        On Sale For: $4,995.00
                                                        Out of stock
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