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Difference Between Night Vision Generations?

Gen 1? Gen 2? Gen 3? Gen 4?

How To Choose Between Night Vision Devices?

Monoculars? Binoculars? Goggles? Scopes?

Night Vision Questions & Answers?

How Far Can I See? Night Vision Photos? Infrared Illuminators?

5 Biggest Mistakes Buying Night Vision!

Avoid these common mistakes people make buying night vision.

Why Buy From NightVision4Less?

Learn why NightVision4Less is the right choice for your night vision purchase.

Customer Night Vision Stories!

Hog Hunting Home Security Boat Navigation...

Generation Grade Levels Explained?

Easy explanation of the different image tube grades - CGT, ST, MS, HPT, AG, AGM, HS,...

Night Vision Technology

A Technical explanation of how night vision works. Night Vision Terminology

Best Night Vision

Best Night Vision Goggles Best Night Vision Binoculars Best Night Vision Scopes Best NV Monoculars

Night Vision Made Easy!

Save Time Expert Advice Stop Guessing Get The Right Equipment

Customer Night Vision Stories

Here are some of our real customer night vision stories that may help you with your night vision decision. 

Bobs' Hog Problem:

Bob is a farmer in Texas who had a tremendous problem with wild pigs destroying his crops. He hunted them during the day but the hogs were winning the battle. They were reproducing faster than he could destroy them. Bob decided to invest in a D-740-3 night vision scope and hunt the hogs at night. He was able to shoot more hogs in the first week at night than he could shoot in a month of day hunting. This worked so well that after his ranch neighbors found out about his success two of them bought the same scope from Nightvision4less. Basically we received two phone calls from Bob’s neighbors saying we want you to build us the same thing Bob's got. To make a long story short between the three neighbors with these outstanding D-740 scopes the costly hog problem has diminished significantly, so much so that a forth neighbor who was considering a night scope initially has decided to wait because his hog issue has gotten better as a result of his neighbors night hunting efforts.
*Note- in addition to the D-740 Gen 3 scopes the three ranchers on our recommendation also bought K2 long range IR illuminators to put additional light on the dark skinned hogs.

Proactive Home Security:

David and his wife lived in their suburban home for 22 years. The last few years their peaceful neighborhood started to change. Even though they had a home security system and had a type of neighborhood watch with their neighbors they still felt uneasy because young people from the city would walk down the street in the dark looking for trouble. These trouble makers would venture into people’s back yards in the cover of darkness. David purchased a PVS-14 and was able to report to the police when these trespassers were in his or his neighbors back yards vandalizing their property. The vandals were caught by the police because David was able to catch them in action without them running away when the home owners turned on the outside house lights to spot them. Now these folks sleep much better and they don't need to leave their outside lights on all night anymore and the young vandals have not returned to their neighborhood. In addition to home security David and his wife now use the night vision monocular for night sky viewing with their grandchildren.

A Whole Other World:

A nature preserve from Missouri contacted us with the idea that they wanted to offer night nature tours for their guests but they didn't know anything about night vision equipment. After accessing their needs we outfitted them with 5 autogated night vision monoculars. Autogated units were a wise decision because the equipment would be exposed often to lights in and around the building area as well as on the nature trail as the tour leader would be using a flashlight for occasional guidance. The tours were a great success allowing visitors to view wildlife at night that they wouldn't be able to see during the day. The tour gave a whole new perspective to how the woods come alive at night. They were able to experience the full sights and sounds of nature without the disruption of lights. From mammals to birds to amphibians good night optics will allow you to join their world and experience their night time escapades.

Stress Free On The Water:

A family from Pennsylvania who lived on a lake had a problem. They just loved spending time out on their boat cruising around and fishing. The problem was that when the weather was nice the lake was too crowded and rough  from all the other boats. This prompted them to start to go out after dark on clear moonlight nights when the lake was calm and there were few other boats to contend with. The problem was that they couldn't see the rocks or markers on the water. What should have been relaxing time out on  the lake was becoming  as stressful as fighting the waves and other boats during the day. Until one night they found out about night vision from another night boater. The rest was history, they bought a D-300 monocular from us because they are small light weight and very handy. Now they enjoy having the lake all to themselves on starlight nights with no more stress. 

Note- for offshore and larger lake night time boat navigation, many of our customers will opt for night binoculars like the versatile dual tube D-321B binocular or the single tube night shadow model. 


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